DDB Champions #BreaksTheBias for International Women’s Day

We’ve all heard the phrase, “Behind every great man is a great woman.” Through history, women have been upstaged, their actions and successes overshadowed by the men surrounding them. For International Women’s Day 2022, we’re proud to highlight Phyllis Robinson partnering with Stabilo Boss and DDB Germany to extend their acclaimed Highlight the Remarkable campaign.

Phyllis Robinson was a remarkable woman. But in 1949, men stood in the spotlight. While Bill Bernbach is often credited for sparking the creative revolution, only some know Phyllis Robinson was the true influence behind so much of DDB’s iconic work for Orbach’s, Volkswagen and Polaroid.

As an extension of the highly-awarded ‘Highlight the Remarkable’ campaign from Stabilo Boss and DDB Germany, DDB highlights Phyllis, her legacy and her trailblazing spirit that lives through employees everywhere today.

Phyllis was a pioneer, not just for women but for the creative advertising revolution that she helped ignite, changing the face of the industry forever. She was one of the founding employees of Doyle Dane Bernbach back in 1949, the agency’s first Copy Chief and the first female Copy Chief in the United States.




With the theme of this year’s International Women’s Day being #BreakTheBias, it’s fitting to highlight Phyllis today, someone who challenged the biases in the advertising industry and advocated for female talent. She was an important part of our network and continues to inspire a new generation of women today.

Created by the talented team at DDB Germany, the Stabilo Boss campaign has been widely celebrated with the initial campaign platform created in 2019 highlighting three remarkable women in NASA mathematician Katherine Johnson, US First Lady Edith Wilson and Austrian-Sweden physicist Meitner.

As part of our celebration of International Women’s Day, we are highlighting the incredible female talent we have within our network.

”Breaking bias is that bridge between knowing and truly embodying your superpowers.”

Angela Henao
Director of Regional Communications & PR, DDB Latina

”I’m interested in what isn’t expected of me.
I’m doing stuff you might not think I do.
I’m good at what you might not consider I could.
I’m making work that might surprise you.

Gender bias can be very small to you but it makes a big difference to me.

Victoria Buchanan
Chief Creative Officer, Tribal London

”We can’t do this alone. My husband understands the difference between equity and equality. His investment and commitment to my journey has seen him change and sacrifice so I can be and have more.”

Sheryl Marjoram
CEO, DDB Group Sydney

”Don’t doubt yourself.
It’s OK to be you.”

Sharon Goh
Creative Director, DDB Singapore

“Sometimes to break the bias, you have to make the loudest noise. So challenge loudly today, so that tomorrow even the quietest can live free from bias.”

Sanchari Chakrabarty
Senior Strategy Director, DDB Mudra Group

“Breaking the bias means a future of endless possibilities for girls to become whatever they choose to be and achieve greatness–and joy–in doing it.”

Ro Rooney
Global Chief People Officer, DDB Worldwide

“Don’t be afraid of appearing ‘soft’. Self-awareness and vulnerability are qualities to embrace because they actually enhance your performance. They help you understand how others might see you and ultimately, help you engage others with openness and kindness.”

Priya Patel
CEO, DDB Aotearoa New Zealand Group

“All that I am today or hope to be in the future, I owe to my mother. Coming from humble beginnings with no formal education, she vowed to educate her daughters while fighting patriarchy at home, work, in society and still emerging stronger. She taught us to make our space unapologetically. Thank you Aai (mother).”

Pragati Chavan
Director of Corporate Communications, DDB Mudra Group

“To me, #breakingthebias means leading with both strength and vulnerability, not being afraid to have a voice and speak the truth. Some are open to hearing it, some choose not to, and the most valued relationships appreciate it and offer it in return. Surround yourself with people you trust and who are brave enough to roll up their sleeves and jump in the ring with you.”

Donna Tobin
Global Chief Marketing & Communications Officer, DDB Worldwide

“Every time I’m asked about a woman who inspires me, I immediately think of my mother. She epitomized a can-do attitude mixed with grace and compassion. She taught me the importance of breaking biases by never setting limits for what I could achieve.”

Nikki Lamba
Chief Diversity Equity and Inclusion Officer, DDB Worldwide

“#BreakingTheBias to me means…paying it forward and pulling other women up with you. I am thankful for the mentors and coaches that have grabbed my hand and it motivates me to give back the same to others.”

Maggie Garrison
Associate Director of Communications, DDB North America

“I am lucky to be surrounded by women who inspire me. Minha Vo Norma, minha mae Carla Eboli, my aunt Carmen Baez, and my team are all incredibly strong and kind women that show me every day how being a leader is a mix of kindness, perseverance, and hard work.”

Mari Eboli
Global Social Media Manager, DDB Worldwide

“Women are often branded as “bossy,” “too direct,” or “difficult” for exhibiting the same behaviors that, if demonstrated by men, are often praised in the workplace. To me, breaking the bias would be finally breaking the stigmas surrounding working women for decades.”

Lindsay Bennett
Global Head of Marketing, DDB Worldwide

“Creativity needs people who are and think diverse.”

Kristine Holzhausen
Managing Director Creation, DDB Düsseldorf

“Follow your gut.
Stand up for yourself.
And it’s ok to say no.”

Kiska Howell
SVP Group Account Director, DDB Chicago

“I hope that by the time my 5 year old daughter starts working there will be no need for International Women’s Day”

Jemima Monies
Deputy Managing Director, adam&eve DDB

“If you don’t write your own rules and define your own values, someone else will do it for you.”

Fran Clayton
Chief Strategy Officer, DDB Sydney

“My favourite quote is by Serena Williams: ”Every woman’s success should be an inspiration to another. We’re strongest when we cheer each other on”.”

Esther Selvanayagam
Chief Financial Officer, DDB Asia

“To me, #BreakingTheBias means not just looking at how many women have managed to succeed in our industry but also at what cost.”

Dora Pruzincova
Chief Creative Officer, DDB Prague

“We can only change the whole face of our industry if we all contribute to changing the faces of our industry.”

Diana Sukopp
Chief Creative Officer, DDB Germany

“During the pandemic we saw the huge increase of violence towards women in their own homes. We still see reproductive laws in many countries restricting women in the decisions they can make about their own bodies and we know that the abuse women and children face during times of war is incalculable. The progress we need to make to “break the bias” is huge. The only way forward is to speak up every day and to push together towards bigger moments of change.”

Claire Bowers
Managing Director, cain&abel DDB

“Seeing an equal balance in leadership roles, smashing typical assumptions and being open to the unexpected.”

Christel Chong
Creative Director, Global Business & Creative Partner, DDB Group Hong Kong

”My nanna, grandma, mum, and sister are some of the best, most special women. They’ve shown me how to be ambitious, compassionate and good-humoured, and encouraged me to dream big and work hard.”

Brittney Rigby
Head of Communications and New Business, DDB Australia

“Lead with action – put women in leadership positions, embrace different styles of working, do an audit of compensation and bring women’s pay at par with men in similar positions!!”

Varsha Kaura
Global Business Director, DDB Worldwide

“There’s no absolute fairness, so the point is not to prove others wrong or prove how good I am, but to live as I truly desire and share with the like-minded.”

Awing Chen
Group Executive Creative Director, DDB China

“Dare to face the challenge. More respect for ourselves”

Algra Chan
Deputy General Manager, DDB China

“Your power as a female leader is not determined by your title, it’s determined by your courage. No matter what level, you’ve already earned a place at the table”

Darla Price
President, DDB New York

“Never ever dare to think that something might NOT turn out well. On the contrary, always focus completely on imaging how great it could even become!”

Christina Antes
CGO & CMO, Lemon Group & DDB Germany

“Get your own crew, bring other women together. It will take you almost 30 years to figure out how the bond between women is essential to change the rules of a game that was neither created by women, nor for them.”

Sophie Schonburg
Executive Creative Director, Africa

“A world where the color of our skin, our gender, beliefs, accent, preferences, abilities and disabilities, would never become a barrier, but actually are valued, supported, and celebrated.”

Eli Velez
Global Operations Lead, DDB Worldwide

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