Spoil Your Inner Child

In 1961, Honda designed a small motorcycle for children to ride at a famous Japanese amusement park. Fun and easy to handle, kids loved it. But the adults who quickly adopted this new toy started to like it too. Pretty immature of them, right? People were entirely comfortable with the childishness of it.

Pretty soon, this unexpected popular success led Honda to take the bike into production and onto roads. The motorcycle’s name was inspired by the monkey-like shape adults take on when riding the vehicle. Honda’s Monkey forged its reputation, finding a place in the hearts of millions of people worldwide. It even became one of the most emblematic two-wheelers and a symbol of popular culture. And since then, this small bike created for big children had 50 years of amazing success around the world.

So when Honda officially announced it would be launching a new Monkey to celebrate fifty years of the icon, DDB Paris decided that it was vital to get back to basics—why it was first created and what it was designed for. The poster and print campaign has wit, charm and a standout visual style that highlighted why the bike was produced and withstood the test of time. Pure immaturity.


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