Miller Lite says farewell to cringey office parties

Of all the changes COVID-19 brought into our lives, the most noteworthy for office-goers may be the requirement to work from home. Love it or hate it, many of us can agree on one silver lining: the end of office Christmas parties—a departure that’s celebrated by Miller Lite’s latest holiday campaign.

When 2020 cancelled work holiday parties, Miller Lite wanted give people a reason to celebrate the extra time to drink beer with their real friends by saying farewell to work holiday parties forever.

They knew the best way to say farewell to something was with a memorial in a museum.

Miller Lite partnered with DDB Chicago to create a memorial that could be put on display during the holidays. Worked with world-renowned artist Alex Prager, they create hyper-realistic statues featuring characters at an awful work holiday party in full swing. Extensive details brought the worst parts of work holiday parties to life. An accompanying book went into the character’s backstories, making the whole scene even more excruciating.

The exhibit went live at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art (LACMA) reminding the 20,000+ visitors to enjoy drinking beer with their real friends.

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